Applications U.S.A. - New membership applications for U.S. members. Quantity Limit:1 (10 Application Package). A printable pdf document also can be found at www.letipwired.com under the member documents.


NEW 2020 (please read)

* 2020 The application enrollment fee is also increasing so if you still submit the $390 paper apps after Dec 31, 2019 please cross out the $390 and change it to the new price in 2020 of $430 (this includes their NTS fee in the price)

* LeTip will be phasing out the paper applications in 2020 and going to all secure digital pdf apps send and returned through LeTipWired.com so please make note. Instructions on how to send online applications to

guests using LeTip Wired can be found in Letipwired.com (documents library - training/letip wired and other - how to send online application & how to approve online applications). A member of LeTip's staff can also

show you how to send an online app. Please feel free to call LeTip to find out how at 1-800-255-3847 ext 100 Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm MST



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